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At Net Results, we understand how important it is to firmly meet your tight project deadlines.

 - Schematic Capture with Orcad (if needed)
 - Footprint Symbol creation (including step models)
 - PCB design with Cadence Allegro
 - DXF import/export of mechcanical drawings
 - Step file and or IDF export for mechancial data to Solidworks.
 - Constraint and Rules driven design
 - Full Documentation package

  - Each quote contains a schedule of project milestones.
  - Project = x days
       Job Prep and Component Placement....(x days)
                          - database for review
            Etch Routing....(x days)
                           - database for review
                 Tooling and Documentation

I am available for mobile support or Web Conferencing any time during of the design cycle. I offer unmatched support and communication to ensure a smooth design process resulting in high yield, low cost products. My focused is on customer service and delivering the highest quality solutions. I have also enhanced the Allegro enviorment with our own tools that work within them. This allows us to streamline our process and tie the tools directly to Net Results Internal-Procedures.

Database for review during any point of the design process.

- Reports for any type and format are available including:
   Constraint data Spreedsheet, Etch length, netlist compare, back annotation, etc.

  - Fabrication Tooling zip file includes:
                 RS274X Gerber files
                 NC drill files
                 IPC-D-356 netlist file
                 Fab drawing (DXF, PDF & ART)
                 ODB++ files,
                 Read Me file
  - Assembly Tooling zip file includes:
                Paste stencil Gerber files
                Pick&Place file
               Fab drawing (DXF, PDF & ART)
               Assembly  drawings (DXF, PDF & ART)
                ASCII databases for GenCad/Fabmaster,
                     CircuitCAM & Cimbridge.
                Read Me file
  - ICT Tooling zip file includes:
              Test point location/fixture drill files
              Reports for programming
              Genrad & Read Me file.
  - Documentation - Detailed drawings for Drill Fabrication and Assembly.

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